Frosty the Snowman

Big yaaaawn! Saturday morning and after a busy few weeks I think I deserve a lie in! …. As I look outside from the gaps in the curtains, I see the gorgeous blanket of snow. Perfect! Plus its -5 degrees outside so not much going to be happening out there, might as well just take the opportunity to relax.

Hmm, yeup, sounds too good to be true, right? It was just TOO perfect. I decided to ‘utilise’ the bathroom. Actually to be precise I NEEDED to, I don’t think anything less than needing something was going to get me out of bed. And that’s when I realised that we had lost access to the basic amenity of running water! AARGH!!!!

Now, if you live in the UK, you’ll know that even the lightest snowfall means all services shut down. Our airports were closed all day, in fact they still aren’t fully operational and even some shopping centres had to close! (Do they know its nearly Christmas?!$*)…. So what was the likelihood of me getting a plumber to come to my rescue? While my husband Rishi, put his faith in a plumber battling the snow to save us … my panic grew every minute that passed by. How I longed for the tip tap of water in the sink…. Human’s NEED water to survive, dammit! I couldn’t wait any longer, so I did what every other panicked person would have done in this situation…

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101 Things to do in 1001 Days (less 3 days!)

As I continued on my path of self-discovery, to find my passion and establish a way of earning an income from it…. (fyi still not totally clear on the passion), I came across some truly inspirational blogs… and I had some serious blog envy…. People were out there making their lives happen, and some guys were out there achieving things which many of us, having lived the city lifestyle, would think is just plain silly.

I mean wouldn’t it be ridiculous to spend your life travelling the world like a gypsy? That’s just not practical! Or what about quitting your job to ‘find yourself’? How about dedicating your life to charitable causes? Or consider something a little bit simpler like setting up your own business doing what you love?!!!

Hmm, I’d LOVE to do that, but I just CAN’T! Who’s heard that before? Or even worse, who’s SAID that before?

When did we decide to limit our capabilities? When did we decide that we can’t get what we want or be who we want to be?!

We can come up with loads of excuses for not being proactive and striving to achieve our dreams… “I have a mortgage”, “I have children now”, “I’m just too old”, “I’m too young”, “I dont have the money”, “I………”. The list of excuses can go on as long as you need it to, but will it really protect you from the risk of failure? Will it make you feel better that you gave up on your dreams? Or will you be in the last days of your life wondering, “What if…?”

Thank you World!

In the era of the internet, we often hear that ‘the world is your oyster‘, we have the ‘world at our manicured fingertips‘…you can do just about anything you want as the world is now accessible to you through one little cable and a laptop. However, as I set about on my journey to discover what it is that I really want to do my life, there are often times when I feel, that its less about making friends with the world and more like “me against the world!”

How often have you felt that in your pursuit of happiness, you seem to be the only one in the world struggling while everyone around you charges on with their lives? Be it a successful new business, a promotion, more fun in their social lives, or perhaps they just got those new pair of shoes which you would have loved! While they seem to be going in flow with the world, you’re the one left behind, stumbling through the alley way, looking for the sign that tells you you’ve hit the highway.

But does it really matter whether our neighbour has a better car, or your colleague got a fantastic new job or even that you’re best friend is having way more sex than you?! (well maybe the last one should matter! 😉 ) …

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New Era, New Habits

Yep that’s right, I’m on my own…. no job to support me, no monthly income to spend on the latest trend-setting clothes and no bosses to please with a smile here and a compliment there!

So does it feel like a massive weight has been lifted of my shoulders you ask? Is freedom from the rat race all I’d imagined it to be? ….. Uh NO!!!

It’s amazing how our perspective of things can be so drastically different to the reality.

Despite spending time and money looking at everything from the ‘grow your own business from home’ products to seminars where the speaker says they will do everything for me and I just have to sit at home and ‘scratch my ass’, I still don’t appear to be spending my Wednesday afternoon at a golf course. Ok, ok, I’d prefer the spa, but you know what I mean.

The point is, something is just not right….

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