Thank you World!

In the era of the internet, we often hear that ‘the world is your oyster‘, we have the ‘world at our manicured fingertips‘…you can do just about anything you want as the world is now accessible to you through one little cable and a laptop.  However, as I set about on my journey to discover what it is that I really want to do my life, there are often times when I feel, that its less about making friends with the world and more like “me against the world!”

How often have you felt that in your pursuit of happiness, you seem to be the only one in the world struggling while everyone around you charges on with their lives? Be it a successful new business, a promotion, more fun in their social lives, or perhaps they just got those new pair of shoes which you would have loved! While they seem to be going in flow with the world, you’re the one left behind, stumbling through the alley way, looking for the sign that tells you you’ve hit the highway.

But does it really matter whether our neighbour has a better car, or your colleague got a fantastic new job or even that you’re best friend is having way more sex than you?! (well maybe the last one should matter! 😉 )

I guess you got to wonder, why can’t we simply be content with what we have?  It’s not that bad is it? If we are going to compare ourselves, why don’t we compare ourselves to those worse off than us? The point is, we may not have the same as the few around us, but we could have had a whole lot worse.

So I for one am going to take time out today to say, I’m grateful. I’m grateful for the roof over my head, the car that gets me from A to B (just about), the healthy heart, body and mind I’ve been blessed with, the great support system around me and for me just being crazy ol’ me!…. O and ofcourse, thankful for the internet for letting me rant to the world through my blog!

Hmm, feel a big smile coming on! 🙂

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