101 Things to do in 1001 Days (less 3 days!)

As I continued on my path of self-discovery, to find my passion and establish a way of earning an income from it…. (fyi still not totally clear on the passion), I came across some truly inspirational blogs… and I had some serious blog envy…. People were out there making their lives happen, and some guys were out there achieving things which many of us, having lived the city lifestyle, would think is just plain silly.

I mean wouldn’t it be ridiculous to spend your life travelling the world like a gypsy? That’s just not practical! Or what about quitting your job to ‘find yourself’?  How about dedicating your life to charitable causes? Or consider something a little bit simpler like setting up your own business doing what you love?!!!

Hmm, I’d LOVE to do that, but I just CAN’T! Who’s heard that before? Or even worse, who’s SAID that before?

When did we decide to limit our capabilities? When did we decide that we can’t get what we want or be who we want to be?!

We can come up with loads of excuses for not being proactive and striving to achieve our dreams… “I have a mortgage”, “I have children now”, “I’m just too old”, “I’m too young”, “I dont have the money”, “I………”. The list of excuses can go on as long as you need it to, but will it really protect you from the risk of failure? Will it make you feel better that you gave up on your dreams? Or will you be in the last days of your life wondering, “What if…?”

The choice is yours and always has been. You are in the place you are now, and there is no changing that, history has happened, but the future is still out there, wide open, waiting for you to shape it……

So that’s what got me thinking, what is it that I want to achieve in my life?……. WHOA……MELT DOWN…. Thats quite full on, baby steps for me please……how about I just focus on what I want to achieve for this next stage in my life?

And that’s what made me start on my 30 before 30 list… a bucket list of some sorts I guess… but as my creative juices started flowing, (I didnt even know I had these) the list quickly began to grow. What had I been holding back on? So many exciting things to do! Could I really do all this? Did I have the time? ….. Well I actually have 1001 days (less 3) before the big 3-0… so that should be plenty of time, right? Why not upgrade my list and make it 101 things in 1001 days (less 3).

O yeah!!! Now that’s a challenge!!!

Aaah! Could I? Should I? Will I?

In the words of my Daddy “Just F*** IT” and the mighty Nike, “Just Do It”.

With inspirational words like that, there was no going back so low and behold, below I have my 101 things to do in 1001 days (less 3)…. it’s a list of all the cool, crazy and some just got to be done, bloody nuts things that make you think twice about doing it BUT you know you want to!!!!

There’s only a few mini rules:

  • The tasks have to be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined.
  • The goals must also be realistic.
  • But even more importantly the tasks have got to be JUICY…. they need to grab your interest and keep you interested. These tasks have got to stretch you other wise it’s just no fun!

I envision, big jumps of joy, mad hugging of strangers, perhaps even some fear tears but most of all a sense of kick ass achievement when I rock my way through these…..


1    Conquer my fear and do a sky dive!
2    White water rafting in level 5 rapids or on a waterfall
3    Go diving
4    Run the NY marathon
5    Try surfing
6    Bathe under a waterfall
7    Shoot a gun
8    Sleep under the stars/camp on a beach
9    Ride on a motorbike or moped
10    Go rock climbing
11    Learn to do a cartwheel
12    Send in a photo of myself for a modelling job!
13    Send in a photograph to a photography contest
14    Own my own successful business
15    Find my passion in life
16    Create and market a training course
17    Journal progress on my 101 things on my blog…and publish it
18    Create a 5 year career/business plan
19    Earn a 1,000 followers/readers for my blog
20    Learn how to put videos on my blog and do it!
21    Volunteer to teach English as a foreign language abroad
22    Donate blood (and be healthy enough to do so)
23    Buy a homeless person a meal
24    Donate £1 to charity for each task I complete
25    Donate £3 to charity for every item on the list not compelted.
26    Learn to speak Spanish so that can hold a reasonable conversation with a Spanish person!
27    Go on courses/training so that can progress in my career
28    Say ‘yes’ to 1 opportunity every month which normally would have said no to.
Health and fitness
29    Do yoga for 30 days in a row! 30 day bikram yoga challenge
30    Touch my toes without bending my knees
31    Learn Tai-chi or another martial art
32    Do a bridge position with an actual curve
33    Exercise 3x a week (except when abroad)
34    Be able to do 3 pull ups
35    Have a candelit bath…. not sure why this is in my health and fitness, but hey ho!
36    Audition for and act in a professional play, pantomine, production, movie or tv show
37    Learn to sing as well as Rishi does
38    Go horseriding again and enjoy it!
39    Practise singing (where possible) every day even if its for 5 minutes
40    Go to a pole dancing class.
41    Go to a lap dancing/strip tease class.
42    Update my driving licence to have my new name and address!
43    Get curtains for the house
44    Buy plants for the front of the house and keep them alive!
45    Take 3 amazing photos to blow up and put up in the house
46    Buy an amazing lounging chair for the bedroom
47    Earn a sustainable £x per year doing something I love
48    Learn to make amazing daal
49    Master the recipes for a three course, from scratch, indian meal
50    Cook a meal for my whole family (Rishi’s and my side)
51    Try sushi (Vegetarian) in Japan
52    Try 3 new foods that I wouldnt usually.
53    Bake homemade bread
54    Make a chocolate fondant
55    Love, trust and appreciate myself.
56    Answer the 50 questions that will free your mind!
57    Write letter to myself to open in 1001 days
58    Take sexy photos of myself… Keep them somewhere safe.
59    Make a list of 101 things I have already achieved in my life.
60    Make peace with 3 people I have let upset me.
61    Write a list like this for the next ‘part’ of my life
62    Celebrate the last night of my 20’s in style!
63    Make a list of 101 things I am grateful for.
64    Move to/live in southern California or New York for atleast 3 months.
65    See and be up close to a real live volcano
66    Make a scrap book of my wedding photos
67    Inspire someone else to create their own 101 things to do…..
68    Carve my name on a tree
69    Send anonymous flowers to someone having a tough day
70    Pee outside
71    Build a snowman
72    Go for one week without swearing. £1 in a jar for every time I swear which I have to give to someone I dislike
73    Watch the Godfather trilogy
74    Do a hollywood wax
75    Brush my teeth twice a day for 30 days
76    Get through one week without pressing snooze on alarm clock
77    Get up early and watch the sunrise
78    Sing in a karaoke bar
79    – (censored)
80    Have a baby/be pregnant by the end of the time period!
81    Make a list of 101 reasons I love and appreciate my husband Rishi.
82    – (censored)
83    – (censored)
84    Spend a romantic afternoon in the park with Rishi
85    Play on the Wii or any other game once every month with Rishi or my brothers or friends
86    Go out for a coffee with my Mom and Dad at least once every 3 months
87    Invite friends over to the house for an eating party of some sort (tea, brunch….)
88    Be in the presence of a Swami/Guru who gives untold wisdom on spiritual enlightenment and follow what he/she says to do for at least the remaining time in the 1001 days!
89    Fast for a full day (Midnight to following day morning)
90    Smile and remember to be thankful for something every day
91    Go travelling backpacker style
92    Visit a paradise beach location e.g. Maldives and stay in a luxury hotel/villa.
93    Visit Vietnam and Cambodia
94    Go to Japan
95    Walk the Great Wall of China
96    Chill out on the beach that is in the movie “The Beach”… Ko phi phi
97    Buy a pair of Louboutins
98    Enjoy a massage… Mmm
3 wishes
99    …
100 …
101  …

I’ve left 3 wishes at the end to add in any BIG things that I really want to do, but they got to be really cool or important!!!…. ok, ok, truth is, it took me 2 days to get to the list of 98 things to do, so I’m leaving the rest to divine inspiration….

If you do have any suggestions with the above, or have created your own list, perhaps a 30 before 30, 12 before 2012, 69 before you get pregnant, or 101 before you hit the old bucket…… whatever floats your boat, I would love to hear from you!

I’m hoping that by you joining me for this ride, and getting involved in all the madness, we can inspire each other to stop putting off our goals and seize the day! WOOP WOOP!!!

Alright, that’s it….. let the countdown timer begin! EEEKKK!!!

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